Sup, Holmes?

Holmes talks with  Mike Mika of Other Ocean Interactive, designer of crowdsourced multiplayer game, IDARB.

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Holmes talks with April Sewell and Christian Stewart of Cardboard Robot Games.

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Holmes talks with Megan Fox of Glass Bottom Games, designer of Jones on Fire and Hot Tin Roof.

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Holmes talks with Too DX co-founder Auston Montville, designer of Sportsball.

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Holmes talks with Comcept Community Manager Dina Abou Karam

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Holmes talks with Lorne Lanning, creator of Oddworld, in this super-extended episode.

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Holmes talks with Jason Cirillo of Choice Provisions, designer of Woah Dave!

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Holmes talks with Jeff Luke, Marc Gomez, and Shereef Morse of Tic Toc Games.

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Holmes talks with legendary adventure game designer Ron Gilbert.

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Jonathan talks to Roel Ezengam of RageSquid Games.

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