Sup, Holmes?

In the third episode of Sup Holmes?, Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes is joined by Alex Neuse and Mike Roush of Gaijin Games in a discussion about rebirth. Hear the pair's thoughts on why the $0.99 price point is ruining everything, why Mega Man should die and how a Bit.Trip RPG is something they think about all the time.

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In our second episode, Holmes is joined for a celebration of life and love by Tommy Refenes of Team Meat and Shannon Gregory. They're lovers and stuff. Topics include romantic games and relationship advice.

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The first (technologically challenged) episode of Sup, Holmes? now in audio-only format. Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes is joined by Tyrone Rodriguez, CEO of Nicalis, publisher of Cave Story, VVVVVV and NightSky. Topics include the role of the games press and announcements regarding several of Nicalis' titles.

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