Sup, Holmes?

Danny Baranowsky joins the show for a rollicking interview covering his career composing music for film and video games.

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Jonathan talks with Bodie Lee, a developer who left his job at Bungie to commit full-time to his pet project, Timespinners. 

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Holmes chats with Syrenne McNulty, freelance games reviewer and developer of I've Gotta Run.

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Holmes talks with game designer Chris Chung, currently working on the first-person cat destruction simulator, Catlateral Damage.

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Holmes talks with Axiom Verge creator Tom Happ.

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Jonathan chats with Dan Vecchitto and Jackie Lalli, the dynamic pair of designers making up Holy Wow Studios.

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Holmes talks with Mike Kasprzak, organizer of the Ludum Dare game design competition series.

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Holmes talks to Chris Seavor, the voice of Conker and project lead of Conker's Bad Fur Day, to discuss his time with Rare Entertainment and his new game, The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup.

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Holmes talks with Roll 7 designer John Ribbins about his career in games.

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In a rare interview, Jane Jensen sits down with Jonathan Holmes to discuss her distinguished career in games, including Gabriel Knight, King's Quest and her latest, Moebius.

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