Sup, Holmes?

Holmes talks with Mike and Vieko (aka "LeGrudge & Rugged") about Krunch and a number of upcoming projects.

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Holmes speaks with WayForward Director Tomm Hulett about his lengthy career working with Virgin, Atlus and Konami on franchises such as Silent Hill, Shin Megami Tensei and Contra

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Jonathan Holmes talks with Adam "Keits" Heart from Iron Galaxy Studios, designer of Divekick.

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Jonathan Holmes speaks with Steve Swink, a game designer whose work ranges from developing new forms of educational software to the Tony Hawk franchise, to discuss his career and his current project, Scale.

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Holmes talks with independent game designer Paul Greasley.

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Holmes talks with Andy Schatz, designer of the IGF award-winning Monaco: What's Yours is Mine.

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Holmes talks with Edmund McMillen about the upcoming title from Team Meat, MewGenics.

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Holmes talks with Erin Robinson, designer of Puzzle Bots and the forthcoming Gravity Ghost and keynote speaker for the 2013 Global Game Jam.

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Holmes talks with Vander Caballero, co-founder of Minority Media and designer of Papo & Yo.

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Holmes talks with Austin Ivansmith, director of Mighty Switch Force HD.

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