Sup, Holmes?

Holmes talks with freelance writer Leigh Alexander about the current state of the games industry and transcending the mainstream in our search for better games.

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Merritt Kopas, designer of Gone Home, talks about her career shift from academia to game design.

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Jonathan Holmes sits down with artist Richard Hogg.

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Holmes sits down with WayForward co-founder and creator of Shantae, Matt Bozon.

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Jonathan Holmes talks with renowned game music composer Jake Kaufman.

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Wayfor-gust continues as Holmes welcomes Austin Ivansmith back to the program to discuss the recently released Ducktales Remastered!

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Holmes sits down with Jeff Luke, a game director at WayForward currently working on The Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land.

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Sup, Holmes? Ep 72 w/ Cassandra Chui (Electronic Super Joy)

Holmes talks with artist and game designer Cassandra Chui of Michael Todd Games about the path which has led to her first commercially released game project, Electronic Super Joy.

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Holmes talks with Paul Veer, whose pixel creations have appeared in numerous games from Vlambeer, Adam Atomic and more.

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Matt Thorson appears on the show to talk about his career and games, which includes indie classics like Jumper, the wildly popular Adult Swim game Give Up, Robot, and OUYA's killer app, Towerfall.

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