Sup, Holmes? (general)

Holmes talks with Electronic Super Joy creator Michael Todd.

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Holmes talks with game designer Andy Wallace.

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Holmes talks with independent filmmaker and game designer Don Thacker.

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Holmes talks with Justin Amirkhani and Jake Reardon of Vagabond Dog.

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Jonathan talks with game designer and returning guest Tim Rogers.

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Holmes goes deep with musician and composer Magnus Pålsson, better known as "SoulEye"

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Holmes talks with game designer (and returning guest) Luc Bernard.

(Note: This episode contains a considerable amount of background noise. We apologize for the audio quality, which was seemingly unavoidable.)

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Holmes talks with  Mike Mika of Other Ocean Interactive, designer of crowdsourced multiplayer game, IDARB.

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Holmes talks with April Sewell and Christian Stewart of Cardboard Robot Games.

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Holmes talks with Megan Fox of Glass Bottom Games, designer of Jones on Fire and Hot Tin Roof.

Learn more about Glass Bottom Games at
Follow Megan on Twitter:

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